Does a Radiator Have Scrap Value? How Much Are They Worth?

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Are you wondering what to do with your old radiator? Well, chances are you can still get some value for it, no matter how bad or broken it may seem.

Your radiator will have scrap value but this depends on a few factors with the main one being the material. Most radiators are made from one of three materials; aluminium, cast iron, or steel. Each has their own price which can also vary from one area to the next.

In this article, you will get answers to some of the most important questions on does a radiator have scrap value.

Does an old radiator have scrap value?

Yes, it does. There is no doubt that an old radiator will have some scrap value. The monetary value of the radiator depends on a range of factors; what your old radiator is made of, the average pricing in your area, and current market pricing and the metal your radiator contains.

The value of your old radiator can vary quite a lot. Another factor is whether or not it is in working order. If you can still reuse your old radiator, it would be worth more.

How do I sell my scrap radiator?

Selling a scrap radiator is usually a fairly easy process. When doing it yourself, you would have to search for local scrap businesses and scrap yards around you. You can achieve this quickly with a directory or by a simple search on a search engine.

If your old radiator can still be reused, you can also find companies that can buy them from you at a higher value than when sold as pure scrap metal. You can also find that some of these companies can repair the radiator, if you wanted that option.

Once you have a list of companies, some will have their pricing on their website but with many others you will need to contact them directly. Some companies would prefer you visiting their office with the scrap metal so they can weigh the metal and give you a more accurate estimate of what it’s worth. If you are okay with the price, you usually get paid on the spot and walk out with your money.

A few companies offer to pick up the scrap metals from your home. The downside to this is that the company might not be able to weigh the scrap metal at that instant, which might slow down the process.

So if you are looking to get the whole process done in the shortest and most reliable way, taking your scrap metal to the scrap company is still your best option. If you want the convenience and trust them to give you a good price, get them to pick it up.

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Where are the best places to sell my old radiator?

The best places to sell your old radiator are with scrap companies and scrap recyclers around you. There are some essential things to look out for when trying to find the best place to sell your old radiator and we take a closer look at them here.

State of the radiator

If your old radiator is still functional or can be easily repaired, the best option may still be to sell it to a scrap company but other options are available. You can look for resale websites such as eBay and Gumtree. This can especially be a good idea if it had unique styling or is an antique.

Type of Radiator

Some scrap companies only deal with certain kinds of metals. For example, scrap companies that buy only aluminium scrap would not be interested in your old radiator if it is made from stainless steel. In this instance, you would have to find a scrap company that deals in stainless steel.

Buying Rates

Different scrap companies offer different buying rates. Before selling your scrap metal, you should look out for the rates of scrap companies around you and choose which suits your best. You can compare them with each other and go with the one giving you the best deal.

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Can I recycle my scrap radiator? What else can I do with my old radiator?

If your old radiator is still functional, it can be recycled. However, if you have no experience working on radiators, you should get a professional to help with this. A professional can assess your old radiator and give advice on whether it can be reused or not.

It may be that your radiator is sadly not worth much money. If this is the case, it’s probably a modern lightweight radiator. If this is true, then it’s probably easy for you to take it to your nearest recycling center.

You can also find local scrapmen on the likes of Facebook who will be happy to pick it up for free. Local councils often have their own pick up service but this usually comes as a significant fee and usually isn’t the best option.

Fancy getting creative with your old radiator? You can check out these ideas on Pinterest and perhaps you can turn it into a decorative piece. As you can see, there are plenty of options for your old radiator.


Are there any places online where I can sell my old radiator?

There are several online platforms where you can sell your old radiator. We’ve already mentioned eBay and Gumtree which are very easy to use. As is Facebook Marketplace but you may also have a community group where you can post it.

An increasing number of scrap companies are also moving a lot of their operation online. You can check their prices online and then drop them an e-mail.