How to Fix Matted Carpet in High Traffic Areas


Maintaining my carpet is an enormous struggle, especially in high traffic areas. That beautiful fluffy carpet can soon turn into a matted mess. With so many people walking on it, it soon becomes flat and lifeless.  

In this article, I will explain some methods available readily at home to restore a matted carpet and also provide detailed reviews of two outstanding products that will fix it. Let’s find out how to fix matted carpets in high traffic areas. 


Why is my carpet matted?

I’ll be honest with you, my carpeted room makes me feel warm and cozy, and I simply love it. However, my carpet gets matted quickly, and with all the mess and dirt, it becomes a bothersome chore to maintain it. Over time, I realized various factors that contributed to this and here we take a closer look.


Furniture and footfall

The foremost reason is the presence of heavy furniture like sofas, tables, beds, and chairs. In most homes, they generally stay in the same position for a long time, and the constant impact on the carpet triggers the damage. 

While furniture cases matting, it is often hidden away. A more concerning cause is people walking over it time and time again. This means the problem is usually worse in entryways and any common walkways through your home. 

Material of the carpet

Some carpets get easily matted in a short amount of time. Common ones include carpets made of polyester, seagrass, and wool. On the other hand, materials like nylon and wool are durable and the best choice for heavy traffic areas.

I also use polypropylene carpets for their stain-resistant properties, allowing me to utilize them both indoors and outdoors. However, they get matted quickly and require regular attention.

Exposure to dirt and other pollutants

With all the foreign debris that my shoes and clothes bring into the house, it is obviously going to wear down the fibers of my carpet. Add the hair, food crumbs, dead skin cells, and other oily materials within the house that will inevitably stain the carpet. The quality of the carpet will deplete with the accumulation of these particles and the constant pressure of people stepping over it. 


Can matted carpet be fixed?

Yes! There are several solutions to solve this dilemma. Worry not, a matted carpet can easily be returned to its initial fluffy condition. However, carpets will have to be maintained carefully, and routine cleansing is necessary for their long life. Keeping the house and surroundings clean is also essential to prevent dust from settling and entangling the fibers of the carpet. 


How do you fluff up high traffic carpet?

So, how do you make those carpets look like new again? Well, here we have some tricks for you along with some awesome products. 


The most convenient way to fix a matted carpet is by vacuuming it at least once a week. It will ensure the easy removal of dirt, debris, and other particles stuck in between the fibers of the carpet. Dirt is an important reason why carpets often get matted, and their disposal is the first action to be taken. 

Depending on the type of vacuum, it can also pull the fibers of the carpet to the fluffy upright position.

If you want the ultimate in fixing matted areas, we’d recommend the BISSELL TurboClean PowerBrush. This carpet cleaning machine is the best choice for homes that have pets but works perfectly for any home. 

Made specifically for high-traffic carpets that require frequent cleaning, it has a two-tank technology that cleans with a mix of fresh water and Bissel’s unique liquid formula stored in one tank and separates the dirty water in another. Easy to pack away due to its small and lightweight body, the powerful suction capacity removes dirt and other embedded mess thanks to its four rows of powerful bristles. 

Devised with a good heating ability, the carpet will be thoroughly dry by the next day. This machine is easy to maintain and can also be effortlessly cleaned with its removable nozzle.


Carpet Rakes

The teeth of a carpet rake can help to pick up dirt, fur, and even dried stains. Raking the carpet before vacuuming also helps in loosening the particles stuck between the carpet fibers. 

If you wanted to use the best carpet rake then you can’t look further than the Grandi Groom. This carpet rake is the ideal tool for bringing all the dirt particles to the carpet’s surface. Composed of long nylon tines, it reaches into the depths and pulls the carpet fibers upright.

Its 18-inch head and 54-inch handle dimensions are convenient for everyone. The manufacturers have ingeniously developed a two-in-one tool, as depending on the need, it can be used before or after vacuuming. 

Before vacuuming, a push-pull method lifts the trapped particles and loosens the fibers for easy removal. The same push-pull method can be used after vacuuming to lift the carpet pile and make the vacuum marks disappear. Rest assured, this product will fluff all types of carpets and make them look brand new.



Using a steamer on heavily matted areas can be a great idea. It will help to loosen up the fibers and give them some life again. When used in conjunction with a carpet rake, it can help to lift up the carpet and give it that great look once again.

This is the most extreme solution as the two methods above would have almost certainly done the trick. If the carpet you’re trying to fix has been left for many years, then using a steamer can be your final throw of the dice.