North East Facing Gardens: Are They Any Better?

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Excellent, your property search led you to discover a perfect property that you can call home. But you then realize that it has a north east facing garden. Right Move found that south facing gardens, on average, sell for 7% more but why?

Now you may be wondering if the house is worth buying and if it’s too much of a compromise. Should you buy it? Will you be happy if it has shade most of the day? When will the sunshine be there? To help answer all your questions, I have everything you want to know right here.

What Is Meant by a North East Facing Garden or Yard?

Imagine you have your back to your house, looking out at your garden. If you have a north east facing garden then you’ll be looking in a north east direction. This means if you had a compass is would be at the midpoint between north and east.

Does a North East Facing Garden Get Sun?

Not a lot! As you probably know, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. This means your garden would get sunlight early in the morning when the sun rises on the east side. Your garden will also likely receive sun at the bottom of your garden before sunset.

The amount you get during the middle of the day will depend on how high the sun is and the size of your house. In the spring and autumn months, your house will likely be blocking the sun. 

In winter, homes with a short north east facing garden will get almost no sun. Still, if you live in a bungalow, you might be lucky to get warmth from the sun in the back of your garden, as your property sits a little lower. These effects will be negated if you have a long garden and the sun isn’t obstructed by other properties.  

The summer solstice is always between June 20th and June 22nd, with the sun reaching its highest point at midday. This is the time where your home is going to create the smallest shadow. As we aren’t near the Tropic of Cancer in the UK (where the sun will be directly overhead), there will still be some sun blockage.

The further in terms of days you are from the summer solstice, the larger the shadow will be as the sun gradually gets lower and lower in the sky, reaching its lowest point towards the end of December. 

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North East Facing Garden Benefits & Drawbacks

When investing in a north east facing garden home, it has its benefits and drawbacks, here I take a closer look:

What are the advantages of a north east facing garden?

It may be that you either want or prefer the shade. A north east facing garden can be perfect for those with fair skin or skin conditions. 

Presuming that your main garden is at the back of your house, it does mean that the front of your home will get plenty of sunshine. This is great for those who dream of a beautiful front garden and if you love gardening, you can do it all here!

Do you have a conservatory in the backyard? Then it will not get unbearably hot during the summer. Also, young kids will be able to enjoy the backyard in the midday shade without you worrying about them overheating or getting sunburn.

What Are the Disadvantages of a North East Facing Garden – How Bad Are They?

Your backyard will have shade the majority of the day which, generally, people don’t like. The rooms at the back of your home will receive less sunlight and therefore you’re likely to need to turn the lights on earlier. 

In the spring, autumn and winter, your garden will get minimal sunshine. It worsens if you live in a two-story home as it sits higher compared to a bungalow. The main problem you will have is with your grass. So growing a decent lawn becomes problematic.

You will probably have problems with moss as it thrives in the wet yet shady areas and rather than having sun-loving plants, your growing will be limited to some hardy plants like shrubs. 

Another issue is that if the yard has clay or dense soil. If so, it will struggle to dry out with heavy rain as there is no sun to evaporate it. On a similar note, in the winter months it will take longer for ice and frost to thaw out. 

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Are Houses with a North East Facing Garden Worth Less Than Houses with South Facing Gardens?

Your north east facing garden home will probably have a lower value than the same house with a south facing garden. A south facing garden is more popular as it works well if you enjoy gardening. A report found that 42% of people would pay more for a south facing garden.

Not all circumstances are the same, however. Other factors affect the sale price, such as if you have a small garden that is overlooked. In this situation, a south facing garden wouldn’t be that appealing. 

A home may also have a lovely front garden which negates the need for a south facing garden. While these factors do play a role, in general, a north east facing garden will be less appealing to buyers. 

Will You Regret Buying a House with a North East Facing Garden?

It depends on your needs and if you have a long enough garden. If you do, you can build your BBQ and patio at the bottom end of the garden, away from your home. But if you enjoy the sun and have no front garden to use, you may well regret it. 

There are positives to a northerly garden and as I mentioned, shaded areas can be great for kids and those with skin conditions. It’s important to assess your circumstances and whether or not a north east facing garden would be a burden. 

Who Is a North-East Garden Suitable For?

If you don’t enjoy lazing around in the sun or aren’t bother about having pool parties, a garden with a northeast facing will be right for you. You will be able to enjoy lunch outside and have guests over without getting burnt.

Many say it is not suitable for gardeners, but some plants and great outdoor landscaping ideas prove them wrong. First, check out these plants you can grow in your northeast-facing garden. Then, while considering if it is a worthy option, you can browse through some of these landscaping ideas.

A north east garden could be perfect for you and your family. It’s best to weigh up your own pros and cons and see how much of a big deal it’ll actually be.